The smaller of the two rooms in the original mudbrick part will become the bathroom, and an adjacent walkway / laundry leading to the new extension which will contain two bedrooms.  We have been slow to start this as we don't have Planning permission yet for the bedrooms.  If we don't get it we will have a house with nowhere to sleep



This room has a mezzanine which needed the come down



The room will be split in two, with the bathroom on one side, and a laundry / walkway to the bedrooms in the extension, so the door into the walkway needs to come through the old serving hatch



Because we couldn't get the tiles to budge in the lounge room, we had to go over them.  This threw the levels out in the bathroom so we needed so batons nailed to the floor.  We're going for a wooden floor which might prove a problem in the bathroom.



We decided to frame out this room to make pipe runs easier



We will have to leave the left hand side unfinished until the extension is built, as the boards will carry on through



And then popped the door back in the new entrance