Most of the block doesn't need anything doing to it as it is pretty much self sustaining bush land.  There is an acre or two around the house which was more formal in the past and which has overgrown.  We are trying to put that back how it was.  There were also a few trees that are pretty close to the house, which is a fire danger, so we've moved those.  The rest is just shrubbery.  It's legal to move trees within 10 metres of the house and other stuff within 30 metres for bush fire management, so that's what we've done.




The back of the house had about half a metre of soil banked up against it which is rotting the boards and making everything damp.  It also leaves the house pretty dark.




So we got a bloke in with an excavator, and he worked his magic!



And after a few days, this became this


And with a bit of seed and some sun, became this




And this became this...


And eventually this




And this became this.  Just need the grass seed to grow now.




We also had some stone put on the driveway


Then we decided we needed more pipes under the drive so we did it again.  And then we decided it needed to be lower to eventually allow us to drive into the end of the house that will become the car port / garage.


So this



Became this




And then our mate Andy came and did some pruning of the many fruit trees.  


We've been creating a lot of rubbish and green waste as we go.  Brett digger friend dug us a hole (after letting me have a go) which we use as a fire pit.  We found an old train carriage in the garden, so once we'd burned that, we used the chassis as a fire grate.