The shed.  Where we'll be living until the house is done



We have decided to fix up the shed first, so we can live in there.  Hopefully this will keep the dust out of our stuff while we do the main house, and give us somewhere to go at the end of each day.


We had intended to remove the internal pine cladding, and insulate the walls and be done with it.  But it was nailed on into hardwood studs, and kept splitting.  So we decided to take the external cladding off instead.  Which revealed rotten studs, and brittle cladding which needed replacing anyway.  And rotten windows, one of which was replaced.  We also had it rewired and put in air conditioning / heating for Jano.  There's no running water, so we have to use the house shower and toilet for now, although we do have a camping toilet for emergencies.


Here's a few photos..



We moved in our stuff with a day to spare - our old house sold and we needed to be out.  Smaller than a house, but bigger than a van! Apparently I should have tidied up before taking the 'finished' photos.